Batch production

This type of production is used for time-series forecasting use cases that work with larger datasets and the results are not expected real-time.

Select the Batch Production tab to access the batch production quest canvas. This tab is active when you have exported the selected activities from the training quest that you intend to use in the batch scoring pipeline.

After the batch production quest is created, you can continue to modify the pipeline if necessary. When the batch quest is initially created, the entry point activity is Ingest Batch Data. This activity can consume only datasets from the Data Lake. It is assumed that the input dataset has the same schema as the dataset in the corresponding Import Data activity that is marked in the training quest. The same schema assumes the same variables of the same types.

Saving and running the batch production quest produces the predictions as the output of the Score Model activity.

The execution of the Batch Production can be scheduled for regular runs through an ION Workflow. See Updating the model on a schedule.