Running a training quest

You must save and run the training quest to receive output results from the applied activities. When the training quest is running, the status of the quest, and the progress of each separate activity in the flow is displayed. Each separate activity status is traceable when configuring and running the quest.

A quest can be run completely or partially. A partial run, for a selected activity, is available to view the output of a specific activity in the flow. If the quest has been run previously, the activities preceding the selected activity are not rerun. Therefore, running time is shorter. The previous activities must have been run successfully.

These statuses are displayed on the activity box:

Description Symbol Meaning
None n/a

Activity not yet run or was run and settings were changed.

Activity has no error based on validation.

Error Status error image

Activity is not connected.

Activity is not configured properly.

Queuing AQueueing status symbol Activity is awaiting to be executed.
Running Activity running symbol Activity is in running state.
Failed Acitivity failed symbol Activity was executed, but failed.
Finished Activity finished symbol Activity was successfully executed.

To run a training quest:

  1. Select a quest.
  2. Save the quest.
  3. Click Run.
  4. After the activity completes successfully, click the output port of the activity to display the output results.