Model fitting and tuning

Generating value from the model is a process that requires time and adjustments.

Consider how you measure the model performance. After you have an understanding of successful model structure and approaches for your problem, focus on maximizing performance gains from the model.

These are strategies to improve the performance of your machine learning model:

  • Review the data source. Is this the best data source for your model? Are there any drawbacks in the selected dataset? If not, consider increasing the sample size.
  • Try changing the type of classifier/regressor objective in the algorithm hyperparameters for different results.
  • Fine-tune the algorithm's hyperparameters. See Tuning hyperparameters.
  • Try a different machine learning algorithm in parallel and compare the results.
  • Try different proportions of training and testing data subsets.
  • Refine the training process by trying to increase the number of iterations through the dataset. Keep in mind this will slow down the training process.

Iterate on a section until reaching a satisfactory level of performance.