Starting the application

Coleman AI Platform starts inside the Infor Ming.le window and uses the same log in credentials that were used to log you into Infor Ming.le. In the application, you can view content that belongs to the current tenant.

Coleman AI Platform can be used simultaneously by multiple users, if they do not update the same content simultaneously. If users change different content, these changes are saved independently.

Note: If several users simultaneously change the same model, only the changes of the latest user are successful. The changes of the previous user are discarded without an error message.

For an optimal view of Coleman AI Platform, we recommend that you use a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024 pixels. For lower resolutions, you can use the scroll bars or close some panels.

  1. Navigate to Infor Ming.le.
  2. Click the Application Switcher icon to open the Application Switcher panel.
  3. Click the Infor Coleman AI icon
    A loading progress status bar is displayed in the upper-right corner.