Coleman AI Platform Prediction Widget

This is an in-context application for Coleman AI model predictions. You can use the widget to display model predictions within your Infor business application.

After the widget and the in-context application are configured and published, you can call for an inference and view the prediction in the contextual screen, without the need to navigate to ION API Gateway.

An Infor Business Context (IBC) message is used to call a Coleman AI endpoint inference. The IBC message is sent when you click the object for which you want a prediction.

Note: The widget is designed to work with simple one-level objects. For more complex or nested objects, you must set up an ION API Flow.

When the widget is added to ION Homepages, there are two ways to configure the widget.

  • Upload a configuration JSON file (editable when uploaded).
  • Use a wizard to manually configure the widget.

This section provides the steps to configure the widget manually.