Locating the widget ID

  1. Click the widget menu (…) on the widget title bar.
  2. Click About.
    For broken widgets the ID is displayed in the About dialog.
  3. On the About dialog, right-click the content area to open a context menu. Click Copy to Clipboard.
    • If prompted by the browser to allow access to the clipboard, click Yes/OK to enable Homepages to add text to the computer clipboard.
    • If your browser does not support this function, a dialog is displayed where you can manually select and copy the information.
  4. Open a text editor on your computer.
  5. Use the command for pasting text, for example Ctrl+V.
  6. Locate the ID in the pasted text to find the widget ID.
    If the widget is displayed as inactive and the widget is not available message, the unique ID is available in the About dialog.