Coleman AI Platform icons

You can use these icons for navigating Infor Coleman AI Platform.
Name Icon Description

Coleman AI menu icon

Opens and closes the black menu on the left.

Coleman AI back icon

Returns the previous view.
Tiles View

Coleman AI tiles view

Switches to the tiles layout on the overview pages.
Grid View

Coleman AI grid view icon

Switches to the grid layout on the overview pages.

Coleman AI save icon

Saves the model.

Coleman AI duplicate icon

Duplicates the model.

Coleman AI refresh icon

Refreshes the view.

Coleman AI import icon

Adds objects from a local folder.

Coleman AI export icon

Saves objects to a local folder.

Coleman AI Activate icon

Activates the model.

Coleman AI deactivate icon

Deactivates the model.

Coleman AI multiselect icon

Switches the tiles overview to the select mode.
Cancel/Stop quest

Coleman AI cancel icon

Exits the select mode or stop running the quest.

Coleman AI edit icon

Enables editing.

Coleman AI upload icon

Uploads an item from a local folder.

Coleman AI download icon

Download schema.

Coleman AI add icon

Add a new item or a new definition.

Coleman AI delete icon

Delete the selected item(s).

Coleman AI dropdown icon

For drop-down buttons with sub-categories.

Coleman AI filter icon

Opens filtering.

Coleman AI search icon

Opens search.
Search list

Coleman AI search list icon

Look up icon.
Expand (open)

Coleman AI expand icon

Expand the view.
Collapse (close)

Coleman AI collapse icon

Collapse the view.
Run quest Coleman AI run quest icon Run the selected quest.
Run selected activity

Coleman AI run selected activity icon

Run the selected activity.

Coleman AI undo icon

Undo the last activity.

Coleman AI redo icon

Redo the last activity.
Copy selection

Coleman AI copy icon

The selected object is copied.
Paste selection

Coleman AI paste icon

Paste the selected object.
Delete selection

Coleman AI delete icon

Delete the selection.
Create/update production quest

Coleman AI create/update icon

Create or update the production quest.
Create/update endpoint

Coleman AI create/update icon

Create or update the endpoint.
Zoom in

Coleman AI zoom-in icon

Zoom in.
Zoom out

Coleman AI zoom-out icon

Zoom out.
Zoom to fit

Coleman AI zoom-fit icon

Zoom to fit the screen.

Coleman AI close icon

Close the dialog.
Sort down

Coleman AI sort down icon

Sort the list in ascending order.
Sort up

Coleman AI sort up icon

Sort the list in descending order.

Coleman AI save in ouput port icon

Save icon in the output port of a quest.
Resize panel

Coleman AI resize icon

Resize the panel.
Usage button USAGE View the usage of the object.
Compute Statistics toggle

Coleman AI compute statistics icon

Turn on or off statistics computation for quest activities.
Columns Columns icon Columns to include for post-processing.