The Welcome homepage is the first page available for all users on the Infor Ming.le Homepages view. It includes the Onboarding widgets which provide access to information about the real-time value of role-based homepages, customizable widgets, actionable data, and analytics.

These standard widgets are included:

  • Alert List: Shows a list of all open alerts for the current user.
  • Image: You can add an image to a widget. The image is added as a link, so it must be accessible from a URL.
  • Menu: Enables creating and customization of a menu on the homepage.
  • Notes: Used to create notes. The notes are eidited inline in the widget content area.
  • Notification List: Shows a list of all open notifications for the current user.
  • Task List: Shows a list of all open tasks for the current user.
  • Workflow Viewer: Shows the workflow status diagram for a task, notification, or workflow item selected in another widget on the same page.
  • What's New: Notifies you about upcoming product updates to your multi-tenant Infor CloudSuite environment.