Upload Data from CSV File

Use this widget to upload data into M3 using any standard API and transaction. This widget can be used for multiple use cases using the configuration options.

APIs used in the widget

The Upload Data from CSV File widget requires application program interface (API) to retrieve data from M3 and vice versa.

This table shows the primary APIs used in the widget which renders all the other M3 APIs and corresponding transactions to be used in the configuration of the widget:
Program Transaction
MRS001MI LstPrograms
MRS001MI LstTransactions
MRS001MI LstFields
  • For uploading data into the M3 application, this widget uses respective APIs that are retrieved from 'MI Repository. Open' (MRS001) and configured by the user in the widget configuration.
  • To use and test the API, see procedure about Running of MI Transaction in Infor M3 Core Infrastructure and Technology User Guide.