A widget is a small, single-purpose application that provides quick, at-a-glance information or quick access to simple interactive functions. Widgets are simpler and faster to access than full applications that may provide more functionality.

Infor Ming.le® widgets are available and documented in the Infor Ming.le® Cloud Edition documentation. Other widgets are product-specific and their accessibility depends on each role-based homepage.

You can add widgets from the widget catalog to your homepage.

This table shows the available widgets that are part of M3 and available within all CloudSuites:

Widget Description
Available to Spend Provides a view of the customer's available balance and credit information.
Customer Contacts Provides a view of customer contact details that users can get in touch with from the Homepage. You can make outgoing calls and send SMS using this widget.
Customer Order Lookup Provides quick access to customer orders and their details.
Item Creation Add a new item from your Homepage quickly and easily.
Item List Provides a view of item list details in M3 and publish incontext message to support other widgets.
M3 Application Messages Displays your latest messages received in M3.
M3 Information Creator Creates new data
M3 Environment Displays information about the current M3 environment and user.
M3 Information Editor Edits existing data.
M3 Information Monitor Collects multiple M3 Information Viewers into a single window.
M3 Information Viewer Displays an overview of relevant information in M3.
M3 Menu Locates and launches M3 programs, forms, tools, jobs, and reports.
Note: This is the only widget enabled for use with the mobile application and portal Infor Go.
M3 Product Updates Gives an overview of the latest updates per product. It also displays the current status of the review process of features. When the user clicks a link, an M3 program is launched, displaying a list of the features.
Purchase Requisition Creates a new purchase requisition from your M3 homepage by selecting an item from the list.
Receive Purchase Order Enters received quantity for purchase orders lines and create purchase order receipts.
Release Planned Purchase Order Shows a buyer's list of planned Purchase Orders (PO) and release a planned PO to create an actual PO.
Supplier Creation Adds a new supplier from your homepage using an existing template.
Supplier List Views supplier list details in M3.
Upload data from CSV file Uploads a .csv file and easily migrate large amounts of M3 data safely and securely.
Where am I working Enables check in to varying locations within their daily activities when necessary. You can also review a list of possible locations and easy options to carry out the required check-in.