Available to Spend

Use this widget to know the credit limit information of a particular customer.
Note: Available to spend is dependent on the customer contacts widget. Ensure that the customer contacts widget has been added along with the available to spend widget from the catalog.
Using the widget can give you these statuses:
  • Exceeded: The amount spent is greater than the credit limit.
  • Good: The amount spent is lower than the threshold limit.
  • Cautious: The amount spent is greater than the threshold limit but is less than the credit limit.

    The threshold limit is set to 80% by default but you can modify it when necessary.

APIs used in the widget

The Available to Spend widget requires application program interface (API) to retrieve data from M3 and vice versa.

This table shows details about M3 APIs available in this widget:
Program Transaction
CRS610MI GetBasicData
CRS610MI GetFinancial
CRS610MI GetOrderInfo

To use and test the API, see procedure about Running of MI Transaction in Infor M3 Core Infrastructure and Technology User Guide.