This section describes problems that can occur and their possible causes and solutions.

If, after following the instructions, the integration still cannot be verified, go to Infor Concierge at and create a support incident.

Error status in Document Capture (Ephesoft Transact) during export of document to IDM

These are possible causes and solutions for this problem:

  • Cause: Connection issue

    Solution: Download the Ephesoft application log and check the log for guidance about the cause of error.

  • Cause: Not correct ION API file

    Solution: Apply the correct ION API file to the batch class in Ephesoft Transact.

    The IDM-CaptureUser (Service user) must have the IDM-AdvancedUser security role to add a document in IDM.

  • Cause: Errors in the Ephesoft batch class configurations

    Solution: Verify the ‘Generate BOD XML Plugin’ and the ‘IDM Export Plugin’ details in your batch class.

  • Cause: refresh token could not be found.

    Solution: Open the IDM-Capture Authorized app created during the configuration of the IDM integration and ensure the Issue Refresh Token switch is set to on.

    See Configuring the IDM integration.

Exported document is in Deleted status within IDM

Documents are being added to IDM but are in a deleted status.

Cause: In this case, the batch class is configured to publish a BOD that is not being consumed by any Data Flow. Therefore, deleting the documents is the correct behavior.

Solution: To resolve the issue, complete one of these steps:
  • Create a Data Flow to consume the BOD. For details, see the Infor ION Desk User Guide.
  • Change the batch class to not publish the BOD. To do this, open the batch class and then from the left side of the page select Modules > Export > IDM_EXPORT_PLUGIN. Change the Publish BOD value to OFF.