Adding security roles

  1. Log on to Infor Ming.le as an Infor OS administrator.
    Ensure that your user account has both the IFSApplicationAdmin and Infor-SystemAdministrator security roles to complete the following steps.
  2. Click the User menu icon in the toolbar, and select User Management.
  3. Click the upper left menu icon.
  4. Select Configure > Master Data Types > Security Roles.
  5. Click + to add the three security roles that are displayed in the following table. Follow the table information for each security role. Click Save after adding each role.
    Note: The security role names are case-sensitive. There are no spaces between the dashes.
    This table shows the roles that you must add:
    Security Role Name Description
    IDMCAPTURE-User Access to activities under Operator: view my batches, open next batch, scan new documents, and upload new documents.
    IDMCAPTURE-Administrator Same security as Ephesoft User with additional access to Administrator activities: batch class management, batch instance management, folder management, and reports.
    IDMCAPTURE-SystemAdministrator Same security as Ephesoft Administrator with additional access to System Configuration where an administrator can add and remove access on roles.