About this guide

This guide is to be used for configuration of Ephesoft Transact version 2020.1.05 SaaS with MT Cloud Infor Operating Services only. Other versions are not supported by this document.

The configuration process includes setting up Single Sign On (SSO).

Note: Ephesoft Transact is sold by Infor under the name Infor Document Capture. The names can be used synonymously. "Infor Document Capture" implies that the product is integrated through Infor Operation Services (Infor OS) and Infor Document Management (IDM).

Intended audience

This document is intended for system administrators who perform these tasks:

  • Configure Single Sign On for Document Capture.
  • Create the application in Infor Ming.le.
  • Verify the integration between Capture and Infor OS.

Related documents

For information on the Capture environment, you must reference the emails that are sent by orderfulfillment@infor.com.

You can find the documents on docs.infor.com or in the product documentation section of the Infor Support Portal, as described in "Contacting Infor".