Launching the AI Table Rule Builder

  1. Log on to Document Capture.
  2. Open the Validation page for a batch instance:
    1. Select Administrator > Batch Instance Management.
    2. Select a batch instance.
    3. Expand the left-hand sidebar. To do so, rest the mouse pointer on the > icon at the left-hand side of the window.
    4. Select Review Validate.
  3. Select More > External Application > AI Table Rule Builder.
    Note: The name “AI Table Rule Builder” may vary depending on how the VALIDATE_DOCUMENT plugin has been configured.
    You can use a keyboard shortcut to start the AI Table Rule Builder. This shortcut depends on the external application URL field the AI Table Rule Builder is associated with. For example, if the AI Table Rule Builder is registered as the first External Application URL for the batch class, you can press CTRL+4.
    For the other shortcuts, see Configuring the AI Table Rule Builder.
  4. If required, correct the Transact server URL in the configuration file.
    When opening the AI Table Rule Builder, this error message may be displayed:

    The Transact server URL does not match the configuration of the Table Builder application.

    To resolve this issue:

    1. In the file explorer, open the C:\<Ephesoft_Directory>\Application\autoTable\assets folder.
    2. Open the config.json property file.
      This file contains these two lines of code:

      BASE_API_URL : "[Transact URL]/dcma"


    3. Go to the line that starts with "BASE_API_URL".
      This line of code contains the Transact URL, which is displayed in Transact under the VALIDATE_DOCUMENT page, followed by /dcma.
    4. Remove /dcma from the URL.

      The code now looks similar to this:

      BASE_API_URL : "[Transact URL]"


    5. Save the file.