Configuring the AI Table Rule Builder

You must configure the VALIDATE_DOCUMENT plugin to use the Transact AI Table Rule Builder. After you performed this configuration, the Transact AI Table Rule Builder is displayed as a selectable link from the More External Application menu on the Validate page.

  1. Log on to Document Capture.
  2. Select Administrator > Batch Class Management.
  3. Select your batch class and click Open.
  4. On the left side of the page, select Modules > Validate Document > Validate Document.
    The configuration settings for Validate Document are displayed.
  5. Complete these steps:
    1. In the External Application Switch, select ON.
    2. Specify http://<hostName>:8080/dcma/autoTable or https://<hostName>:8080/dcma/autoTable in one of these fields:
      • URL1 (Ctrl+4)
      • URL2 (Ctrl+7)
      • URL3 (Ctrl+8)
      • URL4 (Ctrl+9)
    3. In the corresponding URL<number> Title field, specify AI Table Rule Builder.
    4. Click Apply.
    5. Click Deploy.