Adding colors to a visualization

  1. In Visualizer, add a measure and an attribute to plot a chart. For example, Revenue by Year/Quarter as a column chart.
  2. You can divide the columns into colored sections that represent another visual dimension. Search or browse for an attribute and drag it to the Chart Builder. You can:
    • Drag and drop the attribute onto Color.
    • Drag and drop the attribute onto one of the suggested visual options. This is also a way to change the chart type.
  3. When you add an attribute onto Color and use the Color bucket:
    • The Chart Settings menu allows you to select different ways to visualize your data for your chart type.
    • If you display segments such as with a stack, you can switch the Display Segment Values option to show the values within the segment, space permitting.
    • You can change how the Region dimension colors appear in a column chart. For example, show the color bars by percentage.
  4. Click Save.