Creating a data source and the distribution report

  1. If the information does not exist in Infor Birst, then create a file with the Email column that contains the email addresses of the users to distribute the report.
  2. Include a column that matches a filtered column parameter in the content report, such as Employee Full Name.
  3. Upload the new source and process. You do not have to perform any Joins.
  4. In Designer, create a new report and add Email as the first column.

    The logical name of the column must be Email. It is not sufficient to rename the column in the report.

  5. Add another column to the report that is the column you are using to filter the content report.

    For example, if Employee Full Name is used, the data is filtered based on Employee Full Name. When the report is scheduled, a report for each employee is sent to the email address that is associated with the Employee Full Name. The report must contain a table and not a chart.

  6. Save the report.