Compare and Merge

Merge saved expressions in the same workflow (PRONTO-13439)

Added the ability for users to merge Repository and Saved Expression objects targeting the same source and same target space selection in one merge workflow. Previously, users could not switch from one type to another without clearing the merge list.

Show metadata for merge execution in Job Monitoring (PRONTO-12854, IBBIT-2614)

Updated the Job Monitoring page to display more relevant information for merge job tasks, such as the Merge Workflow Name and Workflow ID.

New icon for when there are no dependencies in Compare (PRONTO-12813)

Added a new icon that displays in the Merge List in Compare Objects when there are no dependencies present after a dependency analysis is completed.

Verify labels in the UI use Compare & Merge (PRONTO-13676, PRONTO-13761)

Verified that labels, screens, and so on in the user interface display "Compare & Merge" instead of just "Compare", improving consistency throughout the application.