User Interface

Remove Flash from the UI (PRONTO-13448)

Removed all instances of Flash user interface features with the exception of the User Management module.

Updated the Feature Provisioning page (PRONTO-13177)

Updated the look and feel of the Feature Provisioning page to be more consistent with the rest of the user interface.

Added notification count in the UI (PRONTO-13122)

Added a number count to notifications and messages that display in the user interface to indicate the number of system messages for the user. Previously, messages and notifications would display and remain on screen, leading to a scenario where multiple messages prevented users from performing actions in the application. Now, a number count is displayed so that users know how many messages they have. Additionally, a Show more button has been added to display a message panel that lists the user's messages and notifications.

Navigate to the Space Overview page (COOL-16841)

Users can click the Space Name displayed at the top of the Menu panel to navigate to the Home page for that user, providing details and an overview for that space.

Increased font size in the UI (COOL-16554)

Increased the standard base size of the font in the user interface for improved usability and visibility.