This section contains enhancements in Infor Birst, release version 2022.02.0X.

Push Down Expressions to Database (PRONTO-12296)

Updated the application so that pre-aggregated expressions, the Push Down Expressions to Database setting, are now enabled by default for all newly created spaces. With this setting enabled, any report where a function is being utilized is now being done directly on the database instead of in the application, resulting in more accurate results and improved performance.

Updated Copyspace and Copyspacecontent (IBBIT-2473)

Updated Copyspace and Copyspacecontent so that users can no longer copy the datastore or the repository when the from datawarehouse is different from the to datawarehouse.

Updates to validatemetadata (PRONTO-12330)

Updated the validatemetadata command so that users can view an overall snapshot of key modeling parameters impacting performance and how to improve the space. A new rulegroup in validatemetadata calledModel Performance has been added so that administrators can verify if a space has any performance warnings or performance metrics that are impacting overall performance.

Added PerformanceWarnings (PRONTO-12332)

Added a PerformanceWarnings rule that provides warning messages when a model properties setting may impact performance in an Enterprise Space. The rule does not check the properties of any prepared pipeline sources, ignored sources, hidden sources, or Live Access sources in the space.

Order/sort items in a Custom Subject Area (COOL-15143)

Updated the HTML user interface so that admin users can order/sort items within a Custom Subject Area (CSA) and have them displayed in that order in Visualizer, Designer, and in the Dashboard. Previously, users could drag and drop items and folders in a subject area in the HTML user interface and items could only be sorted in the Flash application. Now, admin users can order items in an existing CSA and have that order display in any of the visual consumption modules.