Migration information for monitoring jobs (PRONTO-12353)

Updated the Monitoring Details window that displays when a user clicks More Details for a monitoring job to display Migrate From and Migrate To sections. These sections list the source and target information for database server migration jobs. This allows users to identify the source and target space IDs, and any server data type information.

When a user specifies a space ID on the Monitoring page, the jobs for that target or source space are grouped together in the Monitoring table.

Data archival for Telemetry (EBO-330)

Added a data archival feature to archive Telemetry data older than on year, improving overall performance in Processing and Report loading.

Usage Tracking Space (PRONTO-1900)

Added the ability for admin users to create usage tracking spaces to gather usage statistics on one or more spaces within an account.

Admin users can click + to create a new space, and then select Usage Tracking Space from the list.

Dashlet Email Export option configurable for Account Groups (COOL-9088)

Updated Enable Download and Enable Email Export options in Admin Account Groups. Depending on which options are enabled, the Email Export action may be available in the actions menu of dashlets based on a set minimum number of rows in a dashlet's report.

The minimum number of rows a dashlet's report must have before the Email Export is available in the actions menu is set in the Email Export Threshold field located at Admin > Space Management > Space Properties > Advanced tab. Values between 0 and 500,000 can be entered in the Email Export Threshold field (default setting is 50000).

The Enable Download and Enable Email Export options only affect users in the set Account Group.

Alert message for replicate palettes and themes in Repo Admin (COOL-17926, COOL-17768, COOL-17943)

Added a message that displays when admin users attempt to replicate color palettes or themes in Repo Admin that warns users replicating color palettes/themes deletes the existing palettes/themes. The alert message displays when an admin user clicks the replicate option. Users can click OK to continue or Cancel to cancel the replication.

Logging for replicating palettes and themes COOL-17736, COOL-17964

Added logging to the Repo Admin so that copied or replicated color palettes and themes can be tracked.