Application Management

Navigate to a Space or Workflow from Application Management (PRONTO-13005)

Added the ability to click on a Space or a Workflow on the Application Management screen to navigate to that Space or Workflow.

View Birst Applications associated with User Accounts (PRONTO-6022)

Added the ability for users to view all Birst Applications that are provisioned on the account are displayed in a collapsed state. The list of applications, such as Infor Cloud Suite Financials, are displayed in a collapsed state but can be opened to display Birst details for that application.

Users can now navigate to Admin > Application Management and view Birst Applications available to their account in table format. Clicking the name of a Birst application expands a list of metadata objects associated with that Birst Application.

Birst applications are color coded. Black colored Birst objects are read-only standard meta data (SMD) applications. Blue colored objects are Live (i.e., active) applications.