Expand and Collapse grouped sections for dashlet tables (COOL-16660)

Added the ability to expand or collapse grouped categories in a dashlet table for columns with a Break By applied simultaneously. Previously, if a user expanded grouped categories in a column, the user had to close each group or category individually. Now, users can use Expand All and Collapse All options in the Dashlet Actions menu to open and close all the grouped sections for columns with a Break By applied.

The Expand All and Collapse All options can be used for a specific column to expand/collapse rows in that column. Alternatively, the Expand All and Collapse All options can be applied to the whole table to expand/collapse any break by sections or groups.

Note: If you want export a report to Excel and you want to use any Break By sections applied in the report in Excel, the export limit for the report is 50,000 cells.

KPI Themes, Drillacross Hover (COOL-12594)

Added the ability for users to set the KPI styles in themes for title, KPI font, font colors, and chart color. Users can also set and change the background color for the KPI hover drillacross window that displays when users hover and rest their cursors on a KPI.

Added a KPI tab in Themes so that users can set their Normal Style and Hover Style settings for KPIs.If a user applies any hover background settings in Themes, the settings are applied to all dashboards in that space.

KPI font styles across dashboards in a space (COOL-12679)

When a user updates the KPI font and KPI color settings in Themes, the changes are applied to all dashboards associated with that space.

Note: Changes to KPI settings made through a dashlet toolbar or the KPI editor overrides the changes made in Themes.

Added a spinner when Dashboard drill across is loading (COOL-16659)

Added a spinner that displays when a user clicks on a dashlet with a defined drill across to indicate that the application is loading the drill across dashboard and any corresponding dashlets.

Added a spinner when filters are loading (COOL-17902, COOL-17958)

Added a spinner that displays when a user edits an existing filter to indicate that the filter is being loaded (correcting an issue where the application incorrectly displayed "New Filter" instead of the filter's name and then took time to load the correct filter details).