Visualizer Updates

Report Queries can now use Positional and Dimensional Expressions with Push Down Enabled (IBBIT-2577)

Birst's query engine has been improved to allow positional and dimensional calculations in queries, even though Push Down Expressions to Database is enabled. Birst now performs the push down to the database and then applies positional or dimensional calculations defined in the query. If positional or dimensional calculations of the expression cannot be evaluated at the database level (i.e., after the push down), then Birst automatically suppresses the positional or dimensional calculation until the push down returns results and the calculations are performed at the "middle tier" level (i.e, in memory or in file cache).

Previously, users could not modify the data of a report they created in Visualizer using query expressions containing positional calculations or dimensional calculations if the Push Down Expressions to Database setting in the space of the report was enabled. In these cases, Birst would return an message in the query log stating that the query on the data failed because the query commanded data to be pushed down to the database then perform positional or dimensional calculations in the expression. Push Down Expressions to Database must be disabled in the setting of the space to use these types of expressions.

Added Search to the BQL Editor (COOL-14754)

Added a Search field to the top of the Function menu in BQL Editor 2.0 so that users can search and find functions, expressions, and so on, to be consistent with the other areas of the application.