Space Management

Space Overview page (COOL-15555, COOL-16156)

Added a new Space Overview page to the application that displays when users log in. The Space Overview page provides links to modules that the user has access to (Visualizer, Designer, and so on) and displays space details, depending on your user. The Space Overview page shows a table of recently modified files, last modified by information, tags, and last modified date details for the space used on the page.

  • For users with a default space set, the Space Overview page shows recently modified items or recent actions within that space.
  • For users with only one space configured, that space is displayed for that user's Space Overview page.
  • The table shows the space details for only the logged in user. For example, only the logged in user's recently modified files are displayed in the table.

If the browser window is resized, any module icons that no longer fit the screen are grouped into a More button. Users can access those hidden modules by clicking the More button.