Modeler Connect

Saving query-based objects without previewing while using Infor Data Lake connector (DPT-3800)

Added the ability to save query-based objects for the Infor Data Lake connector without previewing the query, correcting an issue that caused the preview to time out due to the length of the query, improving functionality. Previously, a preview request was sent each time a user selected a catalog object or saved a query-based object to the connector. Now, users can enable Skip Preview on the More Options tab of the Create Connection window so that the data preview of the connection is skipped. When Skip Preview is enabled, the application displays a message indicating that the preview is not available. The Skip Preview option is disabled by default.

Note: The Skip Preview applies to all data types and not just query-based objects.
Skip Preview can only be enabled is enabled only for the Infor Data Lake connector.

Improved confirmation message when uploading zip files to Birst (DPT-6873)

Birst now displays a more detailed message whenever users upload .zip files using the Files option or Quick Upload panel in Modeler Connect. After uploading a .zip file, a confirmation message displays the number of unsupported file types in the .zip file that were ignored and the number of supported file types in the .zip file that was uploaded. If no supported file types are in an uploaded .zip file, a "Fail to upload file" message displays. Birst only allows .xls, .xlsx, .xlsx, .csv, and .txt files to be uploaded in Modeler Connect.