Modeler - Relate

This section contains enhancements in Infor Birst, release version 2022.02.0X.

Add Live Access Sources Multiple Times (PRONTO-5879)

Added the ability for users to add the same Live Access Sources multiple times to a space in Modeler > Relate. If a source with the same name as an existing source is added, the application creates the source with the name - n where n is the iteration of that same source. For example, if a user adds a source of "Orders" to a space and then adds it again, the second source is "Orders-1".

Data Lineage Views (PRONTO-6099 PRONTO-461)

Added graphical lineage views for sources in Advanced Data Modeling (ADR) data models in Relate so that users can view how data flows across sources in a space. Users can view the lineage from a source directly from the Data Flow view, the Dimension and Fact tables, from the Actions menu, data flows, and source wheel.

Some functionality of the Data Lineage feature is still in development, and so this feature is in Beta Release. Customers can actively provide feedback. There are some known issues with the Data Lineage feature and customers can review the known issues list.

Data Lineage Beta is accessible in 2022.02 by adding apps/#/modeler/relate?relateLineage as a subdirectory after logging into Birst.

For example:

Note: The user must log in first and then add the subdirectory URL path. For Data Lineage Beta feedback, contact your Customer Success Manager.