This section contains enhancements in Infor Birst, release version 2022.02.0X.

Apply Multiple Filters on an Attribute (COOL-13135)

Added the ability to apply multiple filters on the same attribute on a dashboard, including multiple filters with the same parameter.

Note: Multiple filters with the same parameter cannot be applied to the same dashlet.

When the Dashboard is in Edit mode and a user tries to apply a duplicate parameter, any dashlet that is already associated with that parameter is grayed out and displays a Duplicate icon. The duplicate parameter is then only connected with any unassociated dashlets.

In View mode, any duplicate parameters are displayed with a Duplicate icon.

Added a Warning Message for 10 or More Subgroups (COOL-15580)

Added a warning message that displays when a user attempts to create a custom group with a subgroup that has 10 or more subgroups or when a user adds a 10th subgroup to a custom group. The warning message informs the user that applying a custom group that includes a subgroup with 10 or more subgroups may fail. If a custom group with 10 or more subgroups fails to display on a report, the error message displays again with instruction to reduce the custom group's subgroup size.

Note: Any existing custom groups with 10 or more subgroups are updated to display the warning message.

Modified Filters to not display the Dev name (COOL-13123)

Updated the user interface so that filters no longer display the dev name for the filter name and now displays the filter name set by the dashboard creator.