Adoption of SendGrid email delivery service in Birst (COOL-14701, COOL-13598)

Birst now uses SendGrid to securely send Birst email notifications.

SendGrid email notifications have a maximum size limit of 20MB. You must adjust the notifications that are more than 20MB to fit the new size limit so that you can continue to receive those reports.

Any email notifications over 20MB are bounced back by the server.

If an email notification fails to send because it exceeded size limits, Birst displays a notification. An email message is also sent to the creator and recipients informing them of the failure to send. This applies to email exports, scheduled notifications, and dashboard/collection exports.

Define the email attachment limit for Birst (COOL-13600)

Added the ability for administrators to set the maximum size allowed under 20MB for email attachments (in bytes) for their account . For example, the official limit is 20MB but admins can set the limit for their company to 15MB. This allows the email author and recipients of the email can be notified when the size is above the limit defined by your company's policy.

If no size limit is set by an administrator, Birst uses the default size limit of 20MB.

Added two new Administrative Commands:

  • getmaxmessagesize returns what the account limit is currently set at.
  • setmaxmessagesize nnnn where nnnn is the size limit in bytes, sets the maximum attachment size for an email. For example, setmaxmessagesize 1000 sets the email limit in bytes.

See the Administrative Commands documentation for more information: Birst Administration > Space Management in Admin 2.0 > Using the Command Window > Administrative Commands

Continue to use SMTP setup for Appliance Users (COOL-16293)

Appliance customers will have the Use Birst SMTP (UseBirstSMTPService) enabled for their account so that they are not impacted by the adoption of SendGrid.

If both the UseBirstSMTPService and is ApplianceMode flags are false, the SendGrid mail server is used. If the flags are true, Birst uses the existing mail server.

Note: This only impacts appliance users.