Subject Area

This section contains changes to the Subject Area in Infor Birst for the minor release version 2022.04.

getMeasureColumns Performance Updates (IBBIT-2706)

Completed updates to getMeasureColumns in the, improving performance.

Notification displays when Birst automatically Resyncs Subject Areas (COOL-15760, COOL-16079)

Updated the application to automatically display a notification whenever Birst is performing a resync in the background. When the resync is complete, another notification displays informing the user the resync was successful.

Previously, Birst automatically resynced data of subject areas whenever users accessed features that used attributes and measures from the subject area's data model (e.g., Visualizer, Designer, Admin Space Management). This processed ran without user intervention or notification and could take 1 to 2 minutes depending amount of data rendering in a feature's space. During this background process, it could appear that Birst has timeout or stopped working.