Subject Area

Confirmation Prompt displays when adding a Measure multiple time to a Custom Subject Area (COOL-14044)

Updated the application to display a confirmation prompt when users attempt to add a measure more than once to a custom subject area (CSA), ensuring an admin's CSA is configured as intended. Users can click CONFIRM in the prompt to add the same measure again to the CSA.

Previously, administrators could create a custom subject area (CSA) in Space Management, and add a measure multiple times to the custom subject area.

Administrators can change the order of Subject Areas (COOL-15812, COOL-15861)

Added the ability for admin users to sort subject areas so that the order they set is reflected in all places throughout the user interface.

Admins can drag and drop to reorder the subject areas. When the order of the subject areas is rearranged, the Sort by option is set to Custom.

Users can click Sort by to change the order of the subject areas back to alphabetical order (A-Z or Z-A) or by chronological order.

Ability to filter search results for a Subject Area (COOL-12270)

Added the ability to filter search results for a Subject Area search. A Filter Bar has been added to the Search field that allows you to filter the results by:

  • Measures
  • Attributes
  • Global expressions
  • Local expressions
  • Global Filters

Only one filter can be applied to search results at a time. The default filter is still a global search.

Warning message when dragging from one CSA to another (COOL-16474)

A warning message now displays when a user attempts to move an aggregation from one CSA to a new CSA. Users are directed to use the Default Subject Area.